Stoves & Range Cookers For Sale

If you are part of the 15% of the UK that lives without a mains gas supply and are worried about the constantly rising cost of Oil and LPG, returning to, or sticking with Solid Fuel is a real money saving option. There are great deals to be found online for bulk bought fuels, be it fossil or wood. If you can find a very cheap supply of wood and have a place to store it while it seasons, then the savings could be even greater.

It is also important to maintain your Stove or Boiler in top condition or to change to a more efficient one.

We have several reconditioned Rayburn range cookers for sale, in stock, ready to go.
Please see below for our list of current range cookers & stoves for sale, all of which can be viewed in our showroom.

All prices include VAT.

Reference Make/ModelPrice
SFB001Rayburn Royal - (Solid Fuel) Cream
Left Hand Oven.
Approximately 30 years old. This is an original Rayburn Royal with cast iron lids.
Fitted with brand new side panels and rear panel. Extensive work carried out on internal firebox. Thermodial will be replaced before sale. Item is in good for its age. It can be sold with a boiler for a £200 surcharge.
It will be sold fully serviced and working.
SFB003Rayburn MF (Multi Fuel) Sable
Left hand oven.
Approximately 30 years old.
Benefits from a fire box rebuild. A new flue box front door will be fitted.
Original boiler fitted to power domestic hot water and 4-6 radiators.
It will be sold fully serviced and working.
SFB004Rayburn Regent (Solid Fuel) Cream
Right Hand Oven
Appoximately 45 years old
Has had extensive refurbishment carried out:
New side and rear panels
All old mineral wool replaced
This Rayburn can be run with or without boiler.
A new boiler will be fitted if requested for wet heating system.
Fully serviced and working
£2500 +VAT without boiler

£2800 +VAT with boiler for wet heating system
SFB005Parkray Chevin 20B insetParkray Chevin 20B Inset
New Model
Brand New

Output to Water: 10.7KW
Nominal output to space: 5.1KW
£999 +VAT
SFB007Rayburn No1
Left Hand Oven
Solid Fuel

Option to run Wet or Dry

Approx year of manufacture 1948

Extensive Works carried out inc. New mineral wool and new side and rear panels.

Very clean and in good condition
Dry £1800 inc VAT
Wet £2500 inc VAT
SFB008Rayburn 216 Multi Fuel
British Racing Green

1 Previous Owner
Approx 20 years old
New flue box and heat exchange.

Excellent condition
£3300 inc VAT
SFB0011img_4286Franco Belge Wood Burning Stove
Flue can be attached to the top or the rear of the stove.
About 6 years old. Fully cleaned and in very good condition.
£200 inc VAT
SFB0012rory-stoveHunter Herald 15
Multi Fuel Boiler Stove.
2 years old and in excellent condition.
The Stove has been cleaned and serviced
£650 inc VAT
SFB0013img_0227Rayburn OF22
Oil Boiler
Extensively Reconditioned
Serves domestic hot water & 4-6 radiators
Beautiful condition
£1400 inc VAT
SFB0014img_0227Rayburn No.1
Solid Fuel
Can serve domestic hot water or cooker only.
It has been maintained well and has been recently serviced and the fire box rebuilt
£1200 +VAT
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