Servicing your solid fuel appliance should be performed annually. We can take care of this for you at a reasonable cost and at a time to suit you. As a guide, a local area call out costs £130 +VAT plus parts. Charges for call outs outside the local area would be agreed in advance.

We service most solid fuel stoves and room heaters including Parkray, Rayburn, Trianco, Charnwood, Coalbrookdale, Esse and Hunter. We also maintain and supply parts for open fires including back boilers e.g. Redfyre, Dauntless, Baxi and Dunsley.

Can you close the door on your Parkray stove with your little finger? If not, and the door needs force, then it is not aligned properly. This will be corrected as part of a typical service.

What does a conventional service cover?

  • Firstly we protect your carpet/ floor with dust sheets to ensure we leave it in the same state we found it.
  • The door and all internal parts of the boiler are removed. This can be up to 27 parts in all depending on the make and model.
  • Check all parts for distortion, wear, breaks and missing parts. We will inspect the bricks, bars, grates, riddler mechanism and ash pit thoroughly.
  • The Thermostat movement will be checked. There are 4 individual checks on this component alone.
  • The Throatplate is inspected and three individual checks are made.
  • The doors and all glass panels are checked. This is one element of the service that can obviously be done by you but we do it as a matter of course.
  • The firebricks are checked for looseness, cracks and breaks. If anything needs replacing during a service it tends to be the fire bricks.
  • We then vacuum the stripped out stove before completing one final visual inspection.
  • All removed components are now dusted and put back. You will be given the option to replace any worn or damaged parts at this stage.
  • Finally all door seals and metal to metal mating faces are are cleaned and checked.

If the door won’t close or the machine don’t riddle, you have a problem”
Should any parts be required, we can usually fit them immediately, as we carry a large range of spares.
That’s not bad for £130! To top that, distance is no object and we travel many hundreds of miles each week. Distance travelling does incur an extra charge.

So why wait? Give us a call and get that service, you’ve been putting off, done now.

Solid Fuel Boilers Servicing